I thought Monday was the worst day ever. And I was so wrong.

Monday, my heart broke at a customer interaction I experienced. She was extremely angry with me because her order still hasn’t arrived due to the epic snow storm we had in the middle of January. I was not in communication because of family issues I had to deal with but when I was able to finally email her, she was so angry, which I fully understand. I sent her order out on the 14th! ((I’m STILL waiting on a supply order placed at the beginning of January.)) But I refunded her and cancelled the order because she deserves a refund. I felt so bad. Her order will still arrive, I’m told.

But even after the order was cancelled and refunded, she left a review that left me in tears.

I spent all of Monday thinking of what I could have done to make her happy. What could I have done to fix the situation. Beating myself up for not being able to email her back sooner, knowing I couldn’t have done anything about it. That night, I could not sleep. My husband left for work at 5:30am the next morning and I decided to lie down and rest before our son woke up.

At 5:50am, I heard 5 words that I never ever want to hear again.

“I’ve been in an accident.”

My husband called me to tell me a car turned left into his car. His voice was shaking. He said he was ok but the car wasn’t. But my husband is the kind of person to tell me he’s ok when he really isn’t. So, I got out of bed and sat in the living room waiting for him.

He walked home from the accident, which happened only a few minutes away from our house. The tow truck didn’t offer a ride and neither did the cops. He came home frozen and shaking and aching. But he kept saying he’s ok.

When he sent me that picture, I just thought that I could have lost him. His car protected him. The airbag did it’s job. But the front end of our small car is smashed in. He had a red nose for days because of the airbag impact on his glasses. His shoulders and neck ached but everyday, he insists he’s ok.

I went from being heartbroken on Monday to counting how lucky I am that my husband literally walked away from a car crash.

Sure, we still have a lot of things to deal with. But, he came home to my son and me. And I am so grateful.

Hug your loved ones, everyone. You never know what could happen.

Broken But Grateful
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