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Dusted off my watercolors to make these cute chibi “Avatar” drawings. I’ve always wanted to watch “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” but I never got around to it before. This week, I binge-watched both Avatar AND Legend of Korra. And naturally, after “The Last Airbender,” I had to do some fanart.

chibi iroh sketch avatar

Mom-life has kept me from doing any new jewelry designs. I’ve been dying to do new pieces but it’s hard for me to get the time during the day and at night, I don’t want to wake my kid hammering out pieces. I’m lucky I get the time to make the jewelry pieces that my beautiful customers order on Etsy.

I have been able to do some drawing and painting at night lately. It’s quiet and I have missed it terribly.

I always start my paintings with sketches like above. Rough gesture sketches and then I work out designs in my sketchbook as well. Then I do a pencil drawing on whatever surface I’m painting on. I did these on bristol board.

chibi aang watercolor avatar

I added some color with my little watercolor set. So much fun making these characters small and cute. They were already pretty adorable before but all tiny and adorable!? I am obsessed.

After some inks and a tiny bit of colored pencil for some depth, I scanned in these doodles, printed them in high quality, cut the little ones out, laminated them with my fancy laminator (“fancy…” = from Target for less than $20 😛 ), cut them again, and stuck some paperclips on the back with some strong glue.

chibi avatar aang appa planner paperclips fanart watercolor 01

HOW CUTE ARE THESE!? I did TWO Appa paintings because I want a sky bison. Iroh is one of my favorites and of course he has some tea. I love them all.

chibi avatar aang appa planner paperclips fanart watercolor 02

And I love how they look peaking out of my planner. I might make some dividers as well! I have no idea. I mean, I bought the laminator so I could make dividers so it makes sense, right?

chibi avatar aang appa planner paperclips fanart watercolor 03Here is the full set. I have them up on Etsy for anyone interested. You can get either a single character or the whole set. They make great bookmarks too 😀

What should I paint next?







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Chibi Avatar: Last Airbender Fanart Paperclips
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