Purple. What girl doesn’t love some shade of purple. For me, plum is one of my many favorites.

It’s on the red side of purple and with red being my absolute favorite, of course plum holds a special place in my heart.

Pretty Plum CouchPhotograph by Richard Powers for Elle Decor, Designer Alex Papachristidis [link]

The color is so deep and rich, though not as deep as an actual plum. It’s a bold, vivid color that brings a delightful tilt to the balance of warms and cools that happens with the purple tones. Purple has long been associated with royalty and magic- plum is no different. In my imagination, queens of Faerie wear plum.

Vintage Plum InvitationPhotograph by The Nichols Photgraphy, calligraphy by Amon Design Studio, originally posted on 100layercake.com [link]

Plum is both romantic and feminine without being too frilly (not that there is anything wrong with frilly- I wonder what plum lace would look like?). Because the color is so deep, it has a mysterious quality to it as well.

Plum Infinity Bracelet

Plum looks fantastic with gold, silver, and copper. Gold and purple is a traditional royal color combination. Silver and purple bring to mind more of a cool look, with a lovely touch of elegance. Purple and copper, my personal favorite combination, is a bit more laid back.

Plum Flower and Pearls Earrings

One of my favorite color combinations is peachy pink and plum, like in these earrings. I used copper wire to keep the earrings fun and warm. The wire wrapped lavender seed beads and peachy pearls are elegant and romantic.

What is your favorite plum color combination?

Color Love: Plum
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