Turquoise is one of those perfect color marriages. Made of green and blue, all the different shades of turquoise are gorgeous- from prettily pale to beautifully bold.


As a jewelry designer, my favors tend to fall on turquoise as a stone which can sometimes be a bit more green than blue.


The word “turquoise” comes from the Old French word for “Turkish” because the stone was first brought to Europe from Turkey.  The color itself is cool, calming, and refreshing. Shades closer to teal have a chic feeling.


Turquoise is one of those timeless colors that seems to always be in style. It goes well with silver and gold and a shade of it has been immortalized in the Tiffany blue.


Turquoise goes well with almost every color. It looks lovely with cream and bold with burgundy. My favorite pairing right now is turquoise and peach. And I have been using that combination a lot lately.



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COLOR LOVE: Turquoise
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