I needed help sewing straight lines. I’ve never really been able to sew a straight seam but read on Pinterest (of course) that I could use tape to make a seam guide. So! Of course, I used washi tape 😀

I’ve been wanting to add my own faux Midori journals to my Etsy shop for a long time. This was my first attempt.

how to sew straight lines washi tape seam guide 01

Maybe you can’t see it, but the lines are quite crooked. My husband likes to tell me that crooked lines are part of the charm of handmade. But, I wanted straight lines so it bugged me.

My best friend mentioned purchasing a new foot for my machine that has a built in guide to help keep the fabric in place. I wanted to try something without having to buy a new doodad.

I read you could stack several pieces of masking tape to make a guide and that way you can move it around your machine and you’re not limited to 1/4″ or 1/8″.

I used washi tape.

how to sew straight lines washi tape seam guide 02

I stacked up several strips thick enough to act as a guide and wall to keep the fabric from straying. Because the edge of my foot measures about 1/4″ away from the center needle position, I moved the needle to the far right and measured out from there.

Another thing about using the far right position is I can also move the guide to the edge of the foot for a 1/8″ guide.

washi tape seam guide 03

It worked great! Look at those straight lines. Makes me so happy. Backward and forward. Another tip is it helps if you go slow and keep your eye on the edge hitting the guide instead of the needle. The needle is always going to go up and down, but the fabric is what can get away from you.

how to sew straight lines washi tape seam guide 04

Worked great with my faux suede fabric for the first ever Ahteedori covers. I love how the two-toned tassels look dangling on a journal. And faux / vegan suede is so lovely. Soft and rich.

washi tape seam guide 04

Field notes journal covers are available on Etsy now. In both camel and dark brown.

Do you have any beginning sewing tips?





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How to Sew Straight Lines- Washi Tape Seam Guide
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