The Michaels string / travelers journal by Recollections is my first fauxdori. I thought for my first planner review, this one would be perfect.

michaels travelers journal review fauxdori 01

The Bohemian collection from Recollections (in the scrapbook section at Michaels) has the string journals. They come in several different colors like black, cream, red, brown, royal blue, and this teal color. I chose the teal because I thought it looked great with my robins egg blue A5 Carpe Diem planner.

The journal itself is made of a faux leather material. It has a tiny texture on the surface and isn’t completely smooth like vinyl or plastic is. It closes with a faux suede strap that wraps around. Traditional Midori / fauxdori journals close with an elastic. I have no experience with either so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about the closure. I do like the charms it came with. It’s a flower and a word charm that says peace. Each journal has their own different charms.

michaels travelers journal review fauxdori 02

The journal itself comes with two inserts, one brown and one white insert. It also comes with an elastic band that is similar to the Midori journal bands (Amazon affiliate link- there are also handmade options on Etsy using round elastic that is tied off). The elastic band is what connects journals together so you can add tons of paper inserts.

The paper is thicker than standard printer paper. On the test on the video I filmed, I tested it with my Pilot pen (affiliate link) and you can see the writing just slightly on the other side of the paper.

michaels travelers journal review fauxdori 04

The inside of the journal feels like a flocked surface. It’s soft and a lighter color than the cover. The elastic strings that you attach the journal inserts to are held together with a silver crimp instead of being tied off. I’m not sure which is more secure.

If you look at the elastics, you’ll notice they’re threaded differently than other Midori journals. They are threaded vertically and one of the strings is shorter than the other. A few other reviews on Youtube said they didn’t think you could even use that elastic band to put more journals in. They say you can only use the long elastic.

michaels travelers journal review fauxdori 03

Here is another view of how the elastic strings are threaded. The Happiedori and Confettidori has elastics threaded this way and I’ve seen people who use those journals fit tons of books into them. Let’s see how many I can fit…

michaels travelers journal review fauxdori 05

Six! I got six books in! I used the thicker elastic band the journal came with to connect two inserts together. Then I put it into the journal by threading it through the longer elastic in the journal so that it sat between the two inserts. Then I added a 3rd book by threading it through the longer elastic so it sat in the middle of the 3rd insert. I repeated the process with the shorter elastic and it fits fine. For a more detailed demo of this process, check out my video review here.

michaels travelers journal review fauxdori 06

This is what the journal looks full and closed with the faux suede strap. I’m going to spend the week setting it up and I’m super excited to start journaling and sketching in this pretty little journal.

Check out my full review here:

Do you use a traveler’s journal? What do you love about it?

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Michaels Travelers String Journal by Recollections Review
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  • August 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm


    I just got this for 70% off.. I’m new to the journal and planner world. Do you know where I can get more of the paper book refills? I see you added more. Just wondering where you got them! Thanks! 🙂


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