Last week, I painted this watercolor dreamcatcher. I’m quite in love with the idea of dreamcatchers and what people believe they symbolize. This dreamcatcher has colorful feathers, flowers, and an arrow.

watercolor dreamcatcher flower feathers arrow

I’d like to say I threw that arrow in to represent you flying straight and true toward your dreams… or to protect you from the nightmares that haunt you… buuut, I really just added it because I thought it would be a cool element.

watercolor dreamcatcher sketchbook

I’m starting to really love watercolor painting. I just have to go in trusting that it will all work out alright. The colors I choose in the process will be the right decision and if not, I can fix it. I just need to let go and believe.

Like when you shoot an arrow!… Am I right?… hello?…


dreamcatcher greeting card

Available as a print and card in my Etsy shop.

Watch the speed paint video here.

What do you think of dreamcatchers?






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Watercolor Dreamcatcher Painting
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